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Photo by Lorelle Mercer

Photo by Julie Wilson

"I have known Dale now for fifteen years after him riding our very successful hack Final scene for us back in the early ninety"s, Dale rode him to many major victories including champion hack at the Sydney Royal Easter show.

Over the years Dale has found me a number of my stars including Chippenham Warrant who was both a Royal show champion and National pony of the year winner and Cards who was also a royal show champion, not to mention Kings who I later sold to Vicky Lawrie and went on to win the Garryowen amongst numerous other titles.

I still to this day call Dale and send him on the hunt for a new star as I trust his ability and good eye to always come up with a superstar!"

Lisa Cleary



Photo by Julie Wilson

Photo By Lorelle Mercer

When my daughters started horse riding 4 years ago, my wife Jane and I knew nothing about horses and the people in showing. When I asked who the best was, Dale Plumb was recommended. I contacted Dale and asked him to find my daughters a pony. Having no knowledge or understanding of the horse I couldn’t understand why he took so long. I rang him so often he now reminds me that I was a “serial pest”. But Dale did find my daughters ponies that have taken them to winning royal show riding competitions, child’s ponies and turn-outs. Ponies such as Mirinda Touch of Mink, Dickens of Wyuna, Willowcroft Regal Charm, and Gordon Park Secret Garden have given our family success and great pleasure. From our first royal at Adelaide when we were lucky enough to come home with Reserve Champion pony and Champion rider, we have had a lot of fun and Dale is a major part of the reason we love the sport so much.

Dale is always very conscious of safety and will often have to keep a lid on our enthusiasm and direct us in a wise and safe path.

Justin McEvoy



Dale Plumb’s name has been synonymous with top show horses for longer than most of us can remember. He is well known for turning up at a show with a new horse (usually off the track), and leaving with the broad sash! What better example than Sydney Royal 2008 – where Dale and DP Mayfair were awarded Champion Novice and Reserve Champion Hack at the horse’s third show! We knew you could do it, Dale and Presh!

Dale is a real “horseman”. He has an unsurpassed eye for a horse, and an amazing ability for summing up a horse’s temperament in a short time. He has a totally “no-fuss attitude, even at the big shows, and I think his horses are better off for it! Dale is also a fantastic teacher, and the world’s best critic!

Dale has been responsible for finding me many successful horses, most notably Sequel (Champion Hack at Adelaide Royal & Supreme Saddlehorse at Equitana), Gaze (my own chestnut hack who won at nearly every Ag show I took him too), and Langtree Regal Air (on whom Sammi won Barastoc International Challenge Large Pony and Barastoc Junior Large Saddle Pony). He also advised us to buy Springwood Up Up and Away (Sammi’s first show pony, who has now gone on to Grade 4 Pony Club eventing with Sarah). I would NEVER purchase another show horse/pony without Dale’s approval.

I have learnt so much from Dale over many years, many snippets of which pop up in everyday equine life. The most notable quote, that helped me and I have passed on to my children, is “Don’t get nervous! Getting nervous just makes you ride badly and your horse go like s—t!!

Thanks for everything Dale, including your friendship. We can now look forward to watching Daizi and Poppi follow confidently in their Dad’s footsteps!

Lisa McMaster



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