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Xtreme Makeover Part I - Part II is available in the December issue of Horse Deals page 112

Two men - two horses - both legends of their trade
By Anna Sharpley for Horse Deals Magazine

The Equine Influenza outbreak has put an end to Spring competition as we have always known it. The short term future is uncertain, so more than ever before it is important to look optimistically to the future. This month we begin a series that demonstrates the transition from paddock to the show ring. We have chosen well-known, experienced and successful horsemen, Dale Plumb  and have begun to follow the process as he breaks in his home bred youngster with an eye on competition in 2008. Dale has a great rapport with horses and have a calming affect on them. Not everyone has or does, no matter how long they have spent with horses, either you have a talent to train horses or you don't and Dale has that talent, which is so often referred to as natural horsemanship. The most dramatic transformation will of course be in the appearance of the horse in a caterpillar/butterfly sort of way.

Dale Plumb
Dale needs no introduction to the show horse community, as he has been one of its stella high flyers for over 20 years. He grew up in Bega and is a talented horseman who has added to his natural flair by working with some of the country's most famous show horse producers.
Dale's career could have gone in many directions within the horse world, showing early promise as a jumping rider. However, his career move was towards beautiful show horses and over the years has produced such showing household names as Whispering Jack, Cruise, Erte, Flawless and Kirreway Xplorer, to name just a few.

Over recent years Dale has taken a slight back seat to competition, but has continued to find many of the nation's show horse Champions. During this time he, along with partner, Heidi and two daughters, Daizi and Poppie have set up a breeding and training property south east of Melbourne. The subject of Dale's extreme makeover is the home bred four-year-old Riding Pony gelding, 'Lang' by Langtree Valentine out of Rothwell Forever Regal and destined for the Newcomer classes next season. Whilst Dale is not a great lecturer to the crowd in the stand, it is clearly evident he is nonetheless a great communicator and eloquent in his dialogue with the horse.

Each visit to "Lang"  is available free to view. Simply select the link below to view the horse's progress: CLICK HERE




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Dale Plumb
50 Bloomfield Lane,
Cardinia, VIC, 3978
PH: 03 59 98 8085
MOB: 0419 344 987